When You Can Use Specific Services for Driving and Transport

For all the UK, there’s only one authority that can take care of everything related to driving and transport, and this is the government. You can always can use their website for information about taxes, MOT, the date when a vehicle was registered, for issuing a new driving license, for changing the license plates and so on.

There is plenty of important information that they store in their system, and whenever you need to know what you have to do for selling a car or how you can pay your car tax, it’s best to look for their phone number and call them.

Here are some of the services that they provide.

Getting a License

If you’ve never driven before, you’ll want to have a driving license to be able to drive on public roads. Without that driving license, it is illegal to get in a car and drive around, and you need to be at least 17 years old before you can apply for one. You’ll get a provisional driving license, with which you can start learning how to drive a car – take classes and driving hours with a professional instructor.

Renewing a License

There are certain situations that require you to renew a license. Usually, the license is issued for 10 years, and you don’t have to change it unless something changes in your status. This being said, if you change your name or if you change your gender, you will also have to change the driving license. However, there are different rules for when a person is over 70 years old, so you’ll need to check out with the authorities what needs to be done in that situation.

Purchasing Plates

When you buy a new car, there are no registration plates on it, and you will need to purchase the plates. The same thing will happen when you buy a car, and you change the ownership for your own. You’ll need to notify them about this, apply with the right documentation and require new license plates.

Add New Categories

There are different categories for the driving license, because there are different types of vehicles. The category B is for cars, while for a motorbike, you’ll need the categories A1, A2 and A. For the moped, you’ll need category P or M. These are the simplest and easiest driving licenses that can be issued, meaning that these are easy to drive vehicles.

There are also the medium sized vehicles, but for these and for the rest of the vehicles, you’ll need to have a few years experience – how the specialists recommend as these are bigger and harder to dive. This being said, for the medium-sized vehicles you’ll need category C1, for the large vehicles and lorries, you’ll need category C, for a minibus you’ll need category D1, a bus requires the category D, while an agricultural tractor requires the category F.

After the D category, the person is considered to be a professional driver.